4 Veil

This category represents the ‘Veil’ series made in the years 2018-2019.

The series came to be in the slipstream of the series ‘Depict The Mask’, ’Erasing The Mask’ and ‘Leaves A Mark’. It is a philosophical take on how there is more than meets the eye, more than I have been working with, more than I can control.

It is a series of monochromes, where paint and chemicals mixes and forces the pigments in the paint to divide and create rather uncontrollable veils.

The veil is like what dreams are made of. It is like not hundred percentage controllable matter of pigments moving around on a painting, shifting order, mixing and dividing into all new textures and visibilities creating new abstractions that will force us to take a look behind our veil.
It is like matter moving around in your consciousness creating pictures of its own

Does matter have a consciousness?
All is matter and it acts with a will of its own. But it usually acts as a part of a much larger picture. From the tiniest cell, to what is binding paint together, to the cells in our brain creating dreams from the veil of the day.
Does dreams have a consciousness?