5 On Loan

This category represents a project I call ‘On Loan’. It is an ongoing working project from 2019 about time.

It is also a self reflecting project started by the question “why do I paint?”.
It is different from the other series because it started with me forbidding myself to paint, forcing myself to reevaluate my whole practice, using different materials and focussing on the theme:

I work with time – time as a concept.
I fear time because it passes and because I am perishable.
I investigate materials that parish and everything that symbolizes time.
I simplify or complexify ideas about time and I recreate the ideas in a clear and evident expression.

My complete pieces remind us of what passes and vanishes – time.
I collect and use things and symbols we would normally disregard and throw away. I twist and turn them. I borrow from art history, the eternal vanitas, perishability after time and life.

My practice has changed a lot over the last period of time and evolves more and more around the concept of illustrating one topic from many different angels and media.
I strive to create a collection of many different pieces which all create associations to the exact topic I am working with.

I believe that art is in the attempt and that art has no correct or definitive answer. I want people to think, interpret, and feel without the use of ornamented aesthetics or promotional features.
I use materials that time has failed to destroy. Everything leaves a trace and consumption has consequences both for the present and the future. Fragility fascinates me and it inspires me in my most recent work and nothing is as fragile as time. I concentrate on classic art topics but I still reflect on the present time in which I navigate and observe.

Art in relation to the present time in which we live fascinates me. In these times it is crucial to describe, concretize and emphasis art even though the easy “likes” might seem tempting. New generations attention is fragmented and hard to sustain. Art fights for attention against social media and other fast and easy impressions but art is, in my opinion, still superior to these media because of its history and depth.
I long for the beauty in classic artwork and the quality of the materials. This leaves me with a sentimental need to work with the concept of time and visualize the perishable modern world by creating.

I fear my own decay therefore I create.