1 Depict The Mask

This category represents the ‘Depict The Mask’ series of more than two hundred paintings I made from 2013-2018.

As in everyday life and first impressions, people usually see the paintings as the mask that meets the eye. I see them as abstract paintings put into the form of a mask, representing both sides of what makes a living human.

I work in shapes, colors and textures, where even the smallest detail which might seem random, has a huge importance. Shapes that search the body, turning slightly erotic with the tactility of the thick texture in the paint.

The inner natural desires you always possess no matter how hard you try to control and cover it up, fascinates me.
How we let go of the control through nightly escapism speaks to me and is a constant inspiration.

I work with emotions: Fear, anxiety, boredom, absence, presence, escape, love, lust, the will to go on, live, die…
I paint icons for these emotions, talismans – empowering them and letting them absorb me.

I work in masks – what we keep inside or cover up by the veil of our public masks.
I picture what is underneath the masks – moving energy and flow – a stream of our essence that we desperately try to hold together through struggling, just before we maybe, through life and realization, will try to let go.

I research relations within and relations between people.

I criticize what society makes us forget.
I criticize what we have become.
I search for a way to live in these times.

I want you to feel!