6 Bruises

This category represent an ongoing project from 2019 I call ‘Bruises’ or ‘On Loan – Bruises’, because it’s closely connected to my other project ‘On Loan’.

I work on recycled metal plates preserved in oil paint and reopened with angle grinder ornaments, which again leaves the steel open to decay.

I think of my actions in and on the metal as an attempt to preserve a testimony in something already disposed and consumed. I try to remind you that everything is on loan, despite my vain desire to preserve myself the work.

‘I try to visualize the basic elements of human fear across time and generations. The overall point of my work is the visualization of the fear of insignificance, loss of control and degradability.

I have no definitive ideas about this impermanence, but find it interesting to explore and in trying to give an experience of the issue of impermanence, do I create my work.

Are we today more close to infinitive live than ever? What happens if we suppress our mortality? I want to delve into how I use and develop my understanding of art to explore and anchor the vanitas of my time.

How do we visualize something as symbolic as vanitas in a world where the premise of vanitas is challenged more than ever before?’